A selection of illustrations
I made for various clients

I designed ‘de Yoni Matrix’, a boardgame developed by Mail&Female, in honor of their 30th birthday.

For  Spuiten & Slikken, a Dutch sex & drugs education platform,
I illustrated 100 phrases for their new ‘SEX & DRUGS ABC’,
a  digital dictionary to educate young people.

ANNE+ is a series about Anne, a 20-something lesbian living in Amsterdam, and her love life.
For Pride month I designed a sticker of Anne &
the rest of the cast.

Poster design for documentary ‘het Beloofde Land’,
which was shown on the Dutch Film Festival 2018.

Psychokiller asked me to illlustrate two quotes of his new book.
These postcards were part of the book’s release.

A selection of various illustrations I made for VICE & BROADLY

Murals inside the ADONIS hall on Lowlands Festival,
the first LGBTQ+ stage on Lowlands (2018)